Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hangin' in there
I haven't had time to post lately because I have gone nuts over these preemie hats that I have publicly pledged to knit over the next year. At the rate I am going, I will have them done well before my self imposed deadline. When I started I really didn't realize how quickly they would go. I also didn't realize how much satisfaction I would get from doing them. I think it's the fact they go so quickly so I know they will not languish on the UFO list. That fact alone brings me joy!

So here is what I have been up so since my last post. I have over 12 hats done and there is always a new one of the dpns.

This is the Preemie Twinkle Hat. It's made with Pylmouth Yarn, Dreambaby D.K. This pattern can be found here. It's very easy and any beginner who can knit in the round can make this hat. It's pretty small. I think this one is done with #5 dpns.
Second is...

This hat was made with Bella Stripes from Universal Handknitting Yarns. The pattern is called Shadow Stripes Hat. I did this one on #5 dpns. It take a little longer than the basic hat pattern but well worth it. I will make it in different yarns and colors to see how they all compare.

Third is..Large Preemie Diamond Lace Hat. I did this one on #5 dpns and was really surprised at how large it was. I am still wondering it this will fit a preemie. I need to find someone with a baby so I can try it on them. I used the 80 stitches the pattern called for but after researching where I got the idea from, this person used 48 stitches and #3 dpns. I don't currently have #3s so I used #5s. Hopefully Santa will bring me the #3s for Christmas.

I wanted to show how many hats I got from one skein of the Bella Stripes. Most were done with #4 and #5 dpns. The yarn was priced at $5.99. It was more expensive than the other yarns I have been using, but I just loved the stripes and I had to have it.

So when there's a time lapse when I post, it's only because I am knitting my little fingers to the bone. Ha!


michelle said...

They're so tiny! Having been a preemie myself, I think it's great that you're doing this project. Best of luck with your goal and I hope you and hubby and the rest of your doggie/human bunch have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas (with lots of knitting time in there).

hugs from oregon,

vlb5757 said...

Hey, sweetie! How are ya? I am so happy that you stopped by. Thanks for the Christmas greetings. Back at cha! I hope your first Christmas as Mrs. Mike is really special.

Wonderful things come in little packages. I sure that your parents felt that way when you were born. I think you're special too! Merry Christmas to you and Mike both!

rohanknitter said...

Wow! 12 done already!! They are all so sweet.

Wool Winder said...

I love that yarn! Don't worry about that one hat being too big. There are also full term babies in the NICU that need a hat.

Kimberly said...

Cute little hats. I especially like the Twinkle Hat.

Tina T-P said...

Hi Vik - love the little hats - I crocheted some last year for the "Caps to the Capitol" project. I still have a few left - I'll check out the rest of your blog to see where to send them.

I've just finished my first project of spinning my own yarn "for a project" - I'm going to make a scarf for my sister - I used grey shetland and layered a pink combed silk onto it while I was spinning - It worked out pretty well, I think - we'll see how it holds together now that it's been washed. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and here's a wish for a Happy New year! T.

Denise said...

They are absolutely lovely, and what a wonderful contribution you are making!

I so much enjoy reading your blog that I have begun my own. Thanks for the great example and enabling!

vlb5757 said...

Tina-sounds like you have been busy. I had a chance over the holiday to knit a whole bunch more hats. I will post about that another day. I haven't gone to your blog since Christmas but I am hoping you posted your spinning and the scarf. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Denise-Always happy to enable! I know your blog will be wonderful!