Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wee Thoughts
I am just in love with the current knitting project that is #1 on my list for '08. I am feeling so good about this project! I really have not done charity knitting and I sure don't down load too many free patterns to do on my own. I am a pretty conservative knitter. My colors are usually earth tones because I feel most comfortable surround by them. I am a fall and winter season person. I have always been like that and it's hard to break out of the color comfort zone.

I have two sons so soft girly colors were no where to be found in my home. Now I am having to look at things that I think will fit little girls as well as little boys. I hate to pigeon hole things into pink and blue, but when babies are so small and hooked up to all kinds of tubes and monitors, it's pretty hard to tell what sex they are. So maybe the pink and blue thing are okay.

This is the first pattern I down loaded from the internet after seeing it here. I found this site to be a huge resource for Preemie patterns, not to mention the color choices she uses. She is very creative and such a giving person. I have been this blog for a few years now and love it. She posts very often two or three times a week. My inspiration to do 100 Preemie hats came from her and she gets all the credit! Boy will she be a bit surprised that I have written my blog entry for today about her, since we don't really know each other and I didn't ask permission to do so.

Here is the Preemie Eyelet Cap done Vickie style (that means, not reading how many row repeats I should have done)
Just looking at these, you have no earthly idea how small they really are so check out this next shot. I did use #4dpns and #5dpns, mostly because I don't own any #3 dpns. So until Santa comes, I work with what I have! I used the tape dispenser because hubby was working on Christmas packages and it was handy. These guys are pretty small aren't they. Can you imagine how small the head it that these little hats would warm up?


Wool Winder said...

Love them! And I believe I like the two eyelet rows better than three. In fact, I made one like this after I posted the pattern. The fun thing about these hats is you can pick up the needles and knit creatively--make it up as you go. You don't have to worry much about size because it is sure to fit some baby.


vlb5757 said...

You are such an inspiration. I just loved reading about all the patterns and seeing everyone at the Preemie Project putting things together and wanted so badly to help out, but being a new knitter I decided to wait awhile. So now that I have some other projects under my belt, it's time! I have had such a great time looking at baby yarns and colors. I am off today to take a peek at Micheals and see what they have. I need some more colors.

The reason the Eyelet hat didn't have three rings, is because I did not follow the directions and only noticed that after I had knit two of them. I do like the three but didn't notice until I went back to your site to give you credit that I looked at the hat and realized I had only done two. Oops!

It is such an empowered feeling to do something for someone else. I am hoping this will inspire others to knit a few things too! Thanks Tracy!

Leigh said...

They're so teeny! So sweet. I love the colors. Must be nice to work with some girlier colors after mostly knitting for 2 boys.

vlb5757 said...

Leigh-it's been such a hoot looking at pinks, purples, and yellows. Just never got to do that when my boys were little. Maybe when and if I get to be a grandma, I can think about those girly colors again.

I haven't left comments on your blog lately, but I do keep up with everything you do. You are so creative!