Friday, June 20, 2008

I love to garden and I am not really sure that I have done a good job until something happens; like some color. This year I didn't take too many chances on new flowers but here is what is going on now on the deck in pots.

These are really spring Pansies but I moved them to the shade and they are going full guns. Pretty soon I will have to find something else to put in that pot when these fizzle out.
These are Geraniums that DH picked out at the local boxed hardware store. I really didn't think they would do that well but they are doing pretty well. I love the color in the summer on the deck. We have a lot of shade in our yard due to the neighbors huge out of control oak tree. We have a maple that is bending over the deck trying to capture the sun because the oak is a sun hog. We are going to cut the maple down because we are afraid it will snap off in a hurricane or really big winds and take out our sun room with it. I love maple trees and it makes me sad to have to cut down a tree, but the house might be in danger. We have planted a little Japanese maple in the back yard that is under the shade of the oak. I was thinking that we should plant another one in the place of the maple as soon as we cut it down. If that neighbors ever cut down the oak, my shade garden will surely be toast.
This is one of the new Hydrangea bushes we planted in the spring. It has some really killer blooms on it but I know next year that might not happen. I still have one if not two more bushes that need to be moved to the shade but weekends are getting more full. DH has been doing a lot of over time so gardening on a Sunday is not high on his list of priorities. He pooped.
This is in the sun room and has a really cute story to it. My youngest son was about to go to Iraq about three years ago. He had some money (about $10) and bought me this plant. Right before he left, he said to please not let the plant die. It was so pretty when I got it and during the year he was gone, it looked like it had died. I was horrified. So I kept the pot in the same place for a year and threw some water on it when I remembered. Then one day I was looking at it and noticed there was a green shoot poking up from the dirt. I could not believe it. No flower ever appeared but there was some skimpy foliage. Three years later I have my first flower. The plant has gotten so tall in the current pot that it has fallen over. I think another flower might be coming soon. I am super pleased I did not throw it away but more than that; I didn't let my kid down by killing his gift.


Luni said...

Very pretty. I have a new gardening philosophy this year--if I want to see pretty flowers I go look at someone else's yard, so this works for me. Thanks!
(The deer ate all my flowers and I refuse to plant more for them. No, I'm not mad at the deer. They had a hard winter and were starving when spring came.)

Wool Winder said...

Looks like you're developing a green thumb to match your socks.

Vickie said...

Luni-after putting all this time and effort into our little city garden, I might have to do the same thing next year myself. It's expensive with the cost of watering to get one hand full of beans or the stuff dies. I wouldn't be mad at the deer either. We say nothing to our city wildlife. We are in their neighborhood so we don't complain too much about a tomato or two having mini teeth marks. The baby rabbits love to leave their mark in my squash. Cracks me up.

WW-I have always done well with most plants. My ficus tree might beg to differ right now. I re-potted it and there doesn't seem to be much difference in the amount of leaves it has. I am baffled for sure.