Thursday, February 19, 2009

Same Song Different Verse

I have been working on knitting one pair of socks a month and want to continue to do this for the whole year. So I have been trying new things to see how I do. I had heard about the Monkeys socks over a year ago and decided that I was not skilled enough to give them a shot. That was so wrong. They are super easy and the pair I just finished this evening at 11pm are even more easy. They are the No-Purl Monkeys. I barley had the last Kitchener stitch done and was already thinking about my March socks. I have no idea what I will make but you know in the morning I will be digging through the sock drawer.

I knit these with Trekking XXL sock yarn. It's my first time with this brand. I seem to be about 10 miles behind the rest of the sock knitters I know. I have been reading about this brand for years and have never bought any until last year. This ball of yarn has been in my sock drawer for a while. This is what happens when you have too much stash and not enough knitting time!

I am really pleased with their fit. I think the stitch definition is about the same as the Monkeys. I thought they knit up very quickly when I had some blocks to time to devote to them.
Even though I loved my Monkeys I am not so happy about them lately. I have machine washed them twice and line dried them both times. Sadly they are starting to felt and they have become a bit snug. It's all my fault. I guess I misunderstood the signs on the label and wasn't supposed to wash them in the washing machine. Right now they are in "time out" until I can decide what to do with them. Should I give them to someone or should I keep them? They are a bit of a challenge to get over my heel but once there they fit fine. I know one thing for sure, they will never see the inside of a washing machine or dryer again. I want to smack myself upside the head. I just loved those socks and they were my very first pair of Monkeys. Drats!I just love these socks and can't wait until Cookie A's book comes out in April of this year. I think I might be getting the hang of this sock knitting thing...


Shannon said...

Beautiful! I might have to make a pair with my Trekking XXL (100). I'm looking for a worthy pattern...sorry I'll miss you at YfB this time. Hopefully I'll see you next month!

Luni said...

I am tempted by your images. I just bought some Trekking (not sure what kind--it has bamboo in it), and have thought about knitting the no-purl version. I'm just afraid they won't be snug enough for me. Maybe you need a pair of sock blockers to stretch your monkeys on?

vlb5757 said...

Shannon, I loved the Trekking XXL! It looked scratchy to me but I am wearing them right now and they are doing great. We'll see what happens after I wash and dry them.

I told Cheryl that I would be at YfB this am but forgot this was a finals weekend at school. I had to post grades for three classes so did that and then came home. Maybe I will see you in March.

Luni-Your Trekking will be softer than the skein I have. Mine is 75% wool and 25% Nylon. These aren't bad but bet the ones with Bamboo will be softer. I used #2/2.25 needles for these socks. I rarely use #2s but the pattern and fit came out great.

3bagsfull said...

Well Done. You are beating me yet again, as I am still on the dratted Be Mine. Though I didn't get to start them until the 10th, and the month is not yet over. I hope to prevail to keep up the sock a month as well.

Though these are fantastic. I love the blue colour. I really enjoyed working with Trekking and have loved how machine washable friendly they are.

vlb5757 said...

You will finish your socks! They are just too cute not to finish them. Besides, you knit so many other things besides socks and you work, so it's a time issue I am sure. Thanks for letting me know that the Trekking washes well. I haven't washed them yet but soon. I am not wild about blue but there is enough green and beige to tone done the blue. They are comfortable. I am thinking that I will need some more of that brand of yarn. One can never have too much sock yarn!