Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spreading the Green or Plastic...

The weekend of Valentines Day DH and I took a trip to Raleigh, NC for some time away. I have made it my personal mission to help turn the economy around so of course I started with yarn shops. I had to get references from the natives and I got two names; Shuttles, Needles and Hooks and Great Yarn.

When we arrived at Shuttles, Needles and Hooks, I thought we were in the wrong place. It's in a wood frame house disguised as a yarn store.
I would love to link you to the store website but all I get is the city directory listing. Not a good business move in my opinion but the shop has a following that connects on Ravelry. I scored three skeins of yarn there. Here is what I was lucky enough to get!

Being on Ravelry exposes me to yarns that I might not find here locally. So when I go out of town I look to see what is different. I bought a hank of Jitterbug. I have been reading about it in my sock group and thought I would pick it up to try it out. I love the colors, but I was disappointed this was the one and only hank. As I was leaving to pay the owner's daughter was unloading a nice batch of these.
This is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, colorway Mother Lode. I bought two of course! I took this picture in natural light it completely changed the color of my yarn. It's more earth tones with shades of purple, gold, maroon and plum. No blue. I have no idea why that it blue on the end. I am going to do my best to make a pair of socks that match. We shall see!

The next place I tried to help out was...
This is the front of the store. I was really thrilled at it's location. They are right down the walk way from this place. Be still my beating heart.
This was a wonderful place. It was well organized and I found some things that I wanted in there too. The ladies in the shop was very nice and they let me get off some great shops.

I found these amazing towers of endless buttons. If you need a button, I'm thinking they've got it. Have you ever seen so many buttons in a yarn shop before??
This is the backside to the one above. Just amazing!

Even though I don't look wonderful in gray, the display still caught my eye.

Pink is one of two colors that I really am not fond of but this was another display that I really liked.
I bought three skeins of this lace weight It's Jojoland colorway #Ms14. I swear it's not as pink as it looks in the photo. I bought three balls to make a shawl. Now if I just could remember the name of that shawl...any's lovely. Superwash lace!!!

I have never knit with Noro before but since I found a beige I liked I snatched it up. One of the women in the shop had a nice feather and fan scarf. I think I am stealing her idea. And lastly, my total weakness...more Misty Alpaca. I just love this lace weight. They had just gotten a new shipment of this color and I melted for it.
So I have documented my efforts to help the economy. Now the rest of you have to do you part. I have to knit now...


Luni said...

Nice haul. Looks like you are set for summer knitting. My favorite is the button pic. So many buttons. I wish my lys had that kind of selection. I'm dying of envy.

Wool Winder said...

You did your part well. Enjoy your yarn.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow! Looks like you had a wonderful trip... er... except for the house disguised as a yarn store.. LOL
I hope someday I can learn to knit...*sigh*... I'm a slow learner, so I pity the person that tries to teach me!

vlb5757 said...

Luni, I just couldn't believe the button towers. They were so impressive I just had to take a picture of them. I really loved that they had so many buttons. What a selection!

WW-I always try to do my part when I can!

Farm Chick Paula-I thought I would never catch on to knitting but for some reason, I got a really patient group of ladies to spur me on. Sometimes, I would be in the shop everyday working on knitting and then ripping out a project. It took some time and now I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. I just love knitting. Now don't get me started on sewing-ugh!