Friday, May 08, 2009


I haven't been slacking, I swear! I have been working on a Christmas present that has taken me outside of my comfort zone. I don't have small children anymore. When I did, I crocheted afghans and a scarf or two. I never got into the stuffed animal thing but bless her heart, my MIL did and both
my sons got the cutest dragons when they were toddlers. It's been years and years since there have been any little kids in our family so when my brother had a son, I thought I would use my knitting skills to make sweaters and little kids gifts.

I was sitting across the table from a fellow knitter and noticed her book one Saturday at a Yarn for Breakfast Meet Up. I asked if I could thumb through it and fell in love with one/two of the patterns in the book. I nearly broke my neck trying to find the book. I went to two shops and no they did not have the book. So I got on the internet and found the book. I found it here. I was really happy to have found the book. It came very quickly and then I beat feet over to Knit Wits to purchase my yarns to make the two projects. Some of the yarn from one project could be used for the second one. So the cost was not horrible. The results were just too cute.

Does this give you any idea what it is? Maybe you need another angle...

Getting warmer?

Yeehaw! I could not resist making my nephew Zachary this Pillow Pal Horse. He will be getting this along with the Zebra Pillow Pal for Christmas this year. I thought since he is three and loves the wooden horsey that his great-grandfather made, he would love the horse and zebra pillows.

I have one more knitted gift that I will be making for him but that will be later and when I get into it I will blog about it. I thought I should knit these fun things for him while he is small and thinks they are cute. I had a good time making the horse and learned that I am not that great at finishing seams. So while Zachary does not care, I did learn two different ways to close a seam. One is much nicer than the other. What I mostly learned is that I need to take more time when finishing and that practice makes perfect.

The Zebra is made the same way as the horse. I have the yarn already so I should be able to start on it here shortly while I am still enthusiastic about it. Such a cute idea that is super easy to make!


Luni said...

Those are very cute! I can just see your nephew playing with them.

Anonymous said...

omgoodness that is cute! Seriously, seriously CUTE!!

Cheryl in VA said...

He really does look quite cute!! Missed you today, we had a great day, a bit crowded, as there were 17 of us. Parking was a breeze compared to the mess at Christmas, since the only st that was blocked was High St, not all the other streets like in Dec. Hope to see you soon. :) Oh, and Q's soap is wonderful!! don't worry, we left some for you too.

vlb5757 said...

Luni-I sure hope that he does. I have had a good time doing the horse so the Zebra should be just as fun.

AmandaCathleen-Hey girl! Saw the sister's new bling. Congrats! I can hear the wedding bells now. What are you going to knit for the wedding? I just thought the horse would be a "boy" sort of thing for Zachary. He's rather spoiled with commercial toys so this will be different.

Cheryl-I decided that I needed a weekend at home and I really am not into fighting crowds. I will be there next month. Plus I will see you at Paneras. I know that soap is going to be fabulous and worth the wait. I can't wait to see how well it turned out.

Wool Winder said...

It's fun to knit for kids. The horse is really cute!

Sharon said...

I can see why you fell in love with that project. I'm in love with your project!!