Monday, January 03, 2011

Sock Central

Sock Central
(part one)
This is part of my New Year's Resolution-Re-use, Recycle, Re-direct and Re-purpose. I hate to cut into my knitting time by cleaning but I have to do this or I might be on the Hoarder's shows. I know that things are getting out of control when I can't see my dining room table any more. I continually clean it off and then pile more stuff on it. This is a vicious cycle I am trying to break.

Not only has my dining room table become a problem, but so have all my knitting supplies. So in keeping with the 4 Rs I have decided to start with my downstairs knitting mecca. It's a total mess. I have a pile on the left side of my chair on the end table and a three drawer rolling cabinet the right side of my chair. The top of the three drawer cabinet is piled and needs to be purged, not to mention the contents of all three drawers.

I have decided to give attention to the task for two hours a day so maybe it won't wear me out mentally. I was hoping to have some modicum of control over the clutter. Today was the test run.

I went out this week to this place and bought two items that helped in the de-cluttering effort. This is the first item that I bought. If you are looking for one of these bags you can also find it here for a better price than what the other place sells them for.

It's for scrap booking. I could see the potential for my new idea. I signed up for two different groups on Ravelry. The first group was to knit one pair of socks a month for 2011. The second group that I committed to was knitting those items from my ever growing sock stash. So I needed a "Sock Central". Below is what I came up with for the new bag.
Sock reinforcement yarn pocket

Silver crochet hook roll, assorted sizes of dpns for sock knitting, and KnitPicks needle gauger, chibi, and darning needle

Daring egg, tape measures, row counter, tin containing needle points, stitch markers, and jump rings

Introducing the completed "Sock Central"

So all of the sock related items have a new home. I am so excited that it cleaned off the top of a three drawer rolling cabinet and one drawer of that cabinet. Not only did some things get tossed into the trash but I put items in a box to trade or get rid of at a friend's upcoming Recycle party. We are all fiber folks so there will be someone who wants or needs misc. items so they are going. Cleaning up and out wasn't so painful afterall. Stay tuned for part two of my de-cluttering efforts.


Cheryl in AZ said...

This all looks so great Vickie!! I may have to gradually pick up on some of your ideas. Thanks for posting. I am going to try to go this direction from the very beginning as I unpack.

Paula said...

Yes dear, I know we are on the same wavelength now! I don't know if you're this way or not, but I cannot work in the middle of clutter. I must organize before I create...
I love sock central... I have a "sewing" central somewhere, I just have to find it. *LOL*

vlb5757 said...

Did you see on FB that Peg and Ashley went the next day and bought their own? They like the bag so they went out and bought one to organize their own stuff. It's catching!

vlb5757 said...

Paula-I just have too much stuff and decided that this is the year to get things out of my house and come spring there will be one whale of a yard sale. I like organization but I am not always consistant. So if I have less stuff maybe it'll be easier. I'm sure gonna try!

Sharon said...

Darning egg? Now that's not something that doesn't come up everyday in polite society. I haven't seen one in years - it has to be an antique. I think your caddy is very clever. Good on you.