Sunday, January 02, 2011

First New Thing

First New Thing

I mentioned in my very first post of 2011 that I wanted to do some changes to my blog and today is the first one. It's a pretty small change and actually I have made two changes. One, I got rid of the counter that used to be on the left. I never kept up with it so it's gone. Two, I have added a new blog to the "Blogs I Read". I added a link to my old food blog, The Moveable Feast Food Blog. I hated that if I updated the blog to a new format, it would be lost forever. I had some good things on there that I really didn't want to lose so I just linked it to this blog. I really don't want to start another food blog so there will be posts in here that will be related to food and I will give them a tag of "food" so that if you are looking for the food articles you can find them. Nothing drastic but two small changes nevertheless.

I would like to add more knitting blogs and country living blogs to my side bar. I have been reading about ten new blogs and want to share those with you who love those kinds of blogs. Something else that I need to do is do a new post at least once a week or more. I have the time now and have got backlogs of photos that I have taken and have never posted. So consider this just a little update. Nothing earth shattering, just two little changes and one of them you can really look at. The rest will come as they may.

Fresh Peach Pie


Paula said...

Oh my- the pie made my mouth water! *YUMMY* Did you use some of the peaches you canned to make it with?
Sounds like you and I are on the same brain pattern... I want to get crafty again this year. I'm happiest when I MAKING something. I want to surround myself with people who inspire me, too...

vlb5757 said...

It is my friend Julie's pie recipe. Yes, it's made with my peaches. It has a crust but a crumb topping, which was fabulous. I love pie way more than cake so I have been trying fruit pie recipes since I pick the fruit. I figure if I am going to pick it, I have to figure out the best way to eat it.