Monday, February 14, 2011

Lavender Love

I have a friend who has designed two pairs of socks. Her patterns are on Ravelry here. I was a bit nervous doing someone else's pattern that I hang with in a knitting group, but she promised me it was really easy. After a few moments of panic when my first pattern row did not come out, it went very smoothly. I love the pattern! It's great for a more advance beginner. I am past that but, still enjoyed the pattern so much that I am working on another pair with the same pattern. It's the kind of pattern you leave in your car or purse and knit on them when you have time to kill.

One of my knitting goals this year was to do cables in socks. This pattern has four little cables. There are two on the front and two on the back. Super duper easy. I did the standard 2X2 rib and then just took off from there.
I am still in love with the after thought heel. This pair was no exception. The patterning does not go on the back of the foot so it was extremely simple. For those who have never tried an after thought heel; it's like doing a toe for the heel. So I get my toes down to sixteen stitches then do the kitchner closing. The same was done to the heel. So I got a load of practice on the kitchner stitch.
Here is a closer look at the sock from the side. You can see the one cable that is on the front and one cable on the back. I tried on the sock and decided that it needed to be tightened up for around the ankle and foot. This sock was made for a larger size foot than a size 7/8. So I used a 2.75mm to start the leg. Then for the foot, heel and toe I changed the needles to 2.5mm. They fit like a glove.
I would love to tell you about the yarn, but I have had this yarn for a long time. I think I bought it when I was a "newish" knitter and didn't understand why you should save a ball band. So I have no idea what the stuff is but it's soft and springy. I really wish I knew what it was because I would buy more of it. All-in-all, these are a great knit. Thanks to my friend Ashley for coaching me through the first part of the pattern. They are totally lovely!

PS. How is my new camera doing with the pics? I am so glad to have a new one so that my knitting pictures look much better. Thanks to my sweetie!


SheSpins said...

Love the way they turned out. What kind of heel is that?

vlb5757 said...

It's an after thought heel. Super easy to do. Most people don't like to do it the way I did it because they hate doing the kitchner stitch.

Paula said...

I love it!! And the new camera is sweeeet~ what kind did you get?

erinkristi said...

Hey, the camera works great! And the socks look divine :)

Sharon said...

Very pretty. I don't understand an afterthought heel but it does look nice.