Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What to do?

I am beside myself about what to do with a pair of socks. I have no love for the yarn I used. I confess that I got caught up in all the excitement about the new product in 2007. I was a fairly new knitter when I bought this yarn. I don't think there were many of us at that time who knew too much about this yarn so we all jumped at the chance to try something new and trendy.

I just knew since this new product was a sock yarn, that I had to knit socks. I knit a very basic ribbed sock and wrote about them in this post. Then again in this post later. Now here I sit with some pretty pitiful socks that I used to love ready to toss them into the trash. This is what they look like now.

This hole is on the other foot that I didn't darn the first time in 2009.

Now there is a hole at the base of where I turned the heel. The heel was reinforced and the hole is right after the heel.

I have had the socks sitting here on my computer table for over a month just looking at them. Should I darn them? Should I unravel them and use the yarn for another project? Should I just throw them away. I have darned other socks but they have not developed another hole since. I have never unraveled a pair of socks to use for something else after having worn them for over three years. So having said all of that, you know I have NEVER thrown away a pair of socks. If this was any other yarn, I think I would unravel it and give it so someone who wanted the scraps, but I think this stuff is worthless as actual sock yarn. It has not been four years since I made these. November of this year be four years. So I am going to toss them. I am sad to throw away socks but I won't miss these. They have not worn well for me so they are going. I have another skein of this yarn but have decided to donate it to my Yarn For Supper group's grab bag. Maybe someone else will have better luck with them.


Cheryl in AZ said...

Unravel at least the cuffs and use it for sock blankie. Just cut the feet off and start unraveling up the cuff. I will gladly take used, washed, and worn sock yarn - can ya tell I am not proud... or is it that I am very thrifty and can't stand to see yarn go to waste. :)

Paula said...

Those are too beautiful to throw away, V... you will laugh when I say this, but have ever though about using a patch? Like a denim iron-on and then securing it with thread or yarn? I don't even know if that would work or not, but if you just wear them around the house, you could put a patch on both of them in the same place and use them for "house socks".

I dunno- I'm always coming up with crazy ways to keep from throwing anything out. *hehe*

Valerie said...

You could always do what Wendy did here: http://fiberholics.com/2011/02/19/reuse-recycle/

I have a skein of that in my stash and have seen others' socks disintegrate like yours. So that skein is relegated to the weaving pile. Will probably become part of a woven scarf.

Sharon said...

I vote for mend. Even if it's not perfect, who's going to know. That part is in your shoe.

erinkristi said...

Yep, Cheryl and I will split the spoils for our respective sock blankies.