Thursday, July 11, 2013

Challenge #126 Stencil Fun

I have to say that I really loved this challenge because this time I actually had no struggle with this challenge, well sort of no challenge.  The only minor challenge was trying to decide which stencil to use.  I have six so far.  Five from here and one from here.  I have used them all numerous times and love them.  I have to order from the internet when ever I want either brand.  

So here is my entry for Challenge #126 Stencil Fun.
I didn't have any official Zentangle squares so I whipped out the ruler and measured this one to be sure it was the right size.  I did it in my sketch book as you can see.  My stencil was a series of heart stencils that had a circle in the middle.  I didn't use the whole stencil but enough to make it basically uniform.  
Since I hadn't intended to show the sketch book I took black squares (I had them on hand) and blocked the square off so that it would show better.
I thought using the stencil was super easy and left the creative part of my brain for what to put in and around the hearts and for coloring with watercolors.  I had fun doing this one.  I didn't want anything fancy, so I decided lines was the way to go.  Sometimes plain and simple are still pleasing to me eye.


Deby Lake said...

Love your hearts and color work! Your line work is awesome.

Zoe Brener said...

Beautifully done! Love all the line variation. And that shading - what is your secret?

Jag på Ekholmen said...

Nice tangeled! I love the colors.

Anne's tangle blog said...

Very beautiful!