Thursday, July 18, 2013

Diva Challenge #127

Diva Challenge #127
The challenge this week really was a challenge for me.  There were two new tangles to try of which I had never heard of before.  One was Cirquital and the other was Opus.  Since I had never done either of these tangles before I followed the link and then sketched them so I would have some idea of what they were.
Then I sat down and sketched my version on the challenge.  

I used the end of a frozen orange juice can for the large circle.  The rest were made with a ruler that had different sizes of circles.  I shaded with a Zentangle pencil I got in a kit and used a paper nub to smooth out the pencil marks.  I am not sure how I like this one but I have learned two new tangles in the process of the challenge.

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ledenzer said...

Your sketchbook looks beautiful in opus and cirquital!