Thursday, August 27, 2015

This is for the Birds!
I am just super excited I have the day today to play with some new things that I got in the mail.  I love Tim Holtz items, but they are pricey and they rarely go on sale for anything less than 30% off.  I would rather buy items on sale or with a coupon but I could not resist the new Crazy Birds set.  I did not buy the die set.  I think you get a better deal if you buy them both together but I actually enjoy fussing cutting them myself.

I was surprised at how large each bird is.  I bought them so that I could use them in my Pocket Letter Swaps.  Janette Lane is the creator.  She has a blog and a YouTube channel.  If you are interested in getting started there are loads of videos to watch before diving in but before you do please be aware that there are people who say they want to swap with you who never intend to fulfill their end of the bargain.  I have had this happen twice now.  So just go in with your eyes wide open about what you are getting into.  Okay now that is done!

This is done a paper I made a Gelli plate. After printing on a piece of card stock, I then stamped the bird and added colors to him\her and cut it out.  The backround is also from a Gelli print I did on a misc. white paper bag.  I had some silk leaves that I laid down on the plate and went from there.  I wrote in the word Leaves in lots of empty spaces.  Just used it as a backround so that the bird would show up well.  I took my newly purchased Posca pens to color in the beak and the whites of his eyes.  

I did the exact same thing with this cutie.  The paper he\she is printed on was from a random Gelli print and then again stamped and colored in.  I cut it out by hand and will use it some place in the future.  Maybe a card?
This little freaked out bird was done a thinner paper from a Gelli print and when I colored him\her it really made the paper very soft.  I wanted this blue to be more vibrant.  Might have to redo this one.  The bird is cute but think the color is all wrong.
This one has not been cut out.  Again from a Gelli print but using a metallic paint as the backround.  It's hard to see from this photo but the bird is metallic shiny even though when I colored it in I did not use a metallic paint.  The paint that I used let the metallic from the print come through.  I really like that effect.  Might have to try that one again just to see how it turn out with another color.
So those are the ones I have colored so far from the set.  I have no immediate plans for any of the birds.  I just wanted to play with my new stamps.  I think it was money well spent from the prospective that they are large enough to use for an A-2 card and small enough for a pocket letter.  I am so pleased with them.  I am thinking about stamping them on to book pages or newsprint of some kind and see how they turn out then.  Stay tuned for more!


Tracy Batchelder said...

Those birds are full of personality!

Stacey Loring said...

OMG theyre so totally cute. I can't cut for anything so Im always wanting dies to match my stamps. Good advice about the pocket letter snatchers. Be careful ladies.