Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Magic Loops
I had three things that I wanted to learn this year as a new knitter. One was a sweater (it's getting closer to being done), a hat (haven't had any classes for this one at my favorite yarn store) and socks. Since Susan from Knitting Corner knew that I wanted to learn how to do socks, called me and told me about a class. Like a lamb to the slaughter, I went with full enthusiam. That enthusiam has faded a bit. I went to the first class before leaving for Texas last week. The second class was/is the same night as my monthly spinning guild meeting. Since the guild's program is about carding tonight, I can't miss this meeting. I need to card 4 fleeces and maybe two more will be on their way from my friend Susan, from Farmgirl Fare. Plus the guild wants everyone to bring 8 ounces of roving to the meeting and we will bag it up and then put a number on each bag. I guess we will each get a number and corresponds with the bag. The roving will go home with us and we have to spin it to bring back to the Sept. meeting. Then in Sept we will do the same process with the spun roving and then knit either a hat or a scarf. So I am going to try this and see what happens. Anyway, I digress.

The second class for the sock will be picking up stitches from the turned heel and starting on the length of the foot for the sock. The third class will be dealing with the toe. So I will have to have some tutoring from Susan before the next class.

I went to Texas for my 30th high school reunion and took the sock with me on the plane. I had the Magic Loop book with me, but sadly it made no difference. I put the first sock on a stitch holder and pulled the yarn from the center of the ball to start the second sock without much success. I am totally frustrated but I am determined to learn this method with my Addi Turbos. I really wanted to learn DPNs but I guess I will have to learn that another time. Maybe this will click in my brain soon. Here are two ladies from my class...

Here is what the sock is supposed to look like. It's a self striping yarn that make the socks look like an American flag. It won't be done until after July4th but the heat here will totally prevent me from wearing them anyway. I just wanted to learn how to do them. We made shorter socks so that we can get them done. I guess you would call them tennis socks or footies.

June 14
I have been trying for two days now to load the pictures I wanted to add to this entry with no success. I have no idea why the pictures won't load but I want to go ahead and post so that those of you who come here to read this know that I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth. I will keep trying throughout the day to see if I can get things to load. I know that Blogger is free, but this is just silly!


Susan said...

Hi! I'm glad to know that you are still clinging to the edge of the earth. Hang in there. People have been knitting socks for--how long? centuries? Milennia? whatever, the sock can wait a bit. I've an idea: Start a hat. You don't need a class for that, if you can knit in the round and K2tog, you can knit a hat.

vlb5757 said...

Susan, I just might do that. I can see that I am not Magic Loop material. I called the shop yesterday and asked to have some private tutoring so I could get these done. I really wanted to learn how to do DPNs and hear that there is a class in August. I just may have to sign up!