Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel
I know that I have to finish this one project so that I will feel inspired to finish the other two in the wings. Besides, I need to now make a baby boy cardigan and this is what I am cutting my teeth on. The Mock Cable Sweater led me down the rosey path and now... So here is the progress on the bottom of the body of the Lacey Green Jacket. I sure hope since I haven't done the neck on the Mock Cable Sweater I can figure out how to do this one. So far it's pretty easy but it seems I just can't count!


amanda cathleen said...

Love the pattern, looks like you are doing a great job so far! Don't over think the neck, you can do it! : )

Susan said...

Oh, I get it about the markers. I've had that same problem with the shifting in the count, but I'm so dependent on my markers, that I move them when the count changes at the end of a repeat. Doesn't matter, you'll figure out your own best method. It looks so pretty!

Laura said...

Wow. A personal chef! What an interesting job - but not much of a peer group at work I guess. I would think a personal chef might have a lot of associations and stuff to belong to though. I would love that job. Maybe. heh One can dream.

How's the cut finger coming along? Your green lacey sweater is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing a new progress photo of the flag socks. :)

vlb5757 said...

Amanda-I think that if I can do this jacket I will do it again in the yellow and be done with all that yarn I bought thinking the baby was a girl. Can't have too many baby gifts I guess!

Susan-I took the markers off and it has been going very well. Maybe I shouldn't say that very loudly. I have stopped and counted stitches every row just to be sure. It's time consuming but I hate ripping things out!!!

Laura-no peer group to work with but we have a national conference in August every year and you can talk 24/7 about cheffing then. I am on overload when I get home! My head is spinning when I get on the plane to come home. We are going to St. Louis, Mo this year.

Finger is going better although it's still a bit tender. I wacked it on a box the other day and thought I was going to come out of my skin. I was so afraid of opening it up, but now it's looking like the healing is well on it's way.