Saturday, June 17, 2006

Stars (well sorta) and Stripes

This is what one of my socks looks like. I have had such fits with the other one I am waiting until I have a day off so I can do into the shop and get some serious tutoring! We are using a Knitting Pure and Simple sock pattern but using the Magic Loop method. I think I should use the phamplet and be done with it.

Here is the book we are using for the cable needle method to knitting socks. I am totally confused! So when I get a day off sometime this month, I will go over to the shop and beg and plead with Susan to show me how to do this. Has anyone else used them method? DPNs are looking pretty good right about now.


amanda cathleen said...

Is it just me... or did your sock get smaller?
Hope you figure it out! I hate knitting socks with circs, I prefer dpns : )

Susan said...

I hate dpns, and love the magic loop. so there. Not that it matters--I use whatever needles I have in the right size at the moment.
In my experience, the magic loop method is 'intuitive'. Either it makes sense to you right off, or it's just not your thing. If you have to think about it, you will get so totally confused.
I wouldn't worry about it. Some prefer it, some prefer dpns (they make my hands hurt) and some prefer two circulars. Just use whichever works for you.

vlb5757 said...

Amanda-the sock that was pictured with the ladies from the class is the sample. Mine is small. I got to where we were supposed to turn the heel and quit. I was told to stop there and put the stitches on a holder. Then pull the scan from the middle (which I could not find with starting the first sock) then start the second sock. I tried a million times but without someone to make sure I had turned the sock the right way, I lost it. Do people cry over their knitting? I came really close and began to question my own sanity. ugh!

Susan-I guess I might be one of those women who it never makes sense to. I did try and read the book and look at the pictures for some reason when not in class all that information leaked out!

I have to go to the shop and see if they can help me and I will finish both socks so I can say I did, but I am not sure I would do another pair. I haven't done DPNs yet so they may make me nuts and I will end up back with Magic Loops. I think it's important that I do both so I can decide which one is for me. Right now nothing is working for me! LOL!!

Wool Winder said...

Looks like stars and stripes to me. I use dpns. Haven't tried magic loop. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it though.