Saturday, September 16, 2006

M is for Moose
I wanted to take a picture of the finished scarf for my oldest son and needed to do it in an interesting place. I tried the kitchen, a tree and on a chest of drawers, but this was by far the best of the lot. Moose was very patient with me and in the end he got his moment of doggie fame and a cookie for his good behavior. So I finished two of the three scarves I have started. The lace scarf will be a while. I have picked up the baby sweater that I was working on before my son came to visit.

This is the back and two side panels of the baby sweater for my new nephew. I sure hope that he doesn't get too big for it before I get a chance to finish it. My mom said the other day he weighs over 11 pounds.


amanda cathleen said...

awwww moose, awwww!!! I don't think you could have found a cuter model. ; )

Don't worry too much about the sweater possibly not fitting your nephew. When Corra was a baby my Mom knit her a new born sized sweater. It wasn't until Corra was 8months and 18lbs that it finally fit!

Tina T-P said...

Hi Ms. V.

Jumped over here from your food blog to see what you've been up to in the fiber department - very nice knitting & such a handsome model -

At least you are getting that sweater done for the same baby that you started it for - I just finished crocheting a baby blanket that I'm going to give to a co-worker's new baby - the original baby I started it for just started to kindergarten LOL - T.

vlb5757 said...

Amanda-that's some great information! I am feeling pressure to send the sweater the very minutes it's done for fear he won't be able to wear it. I haven't ever done a sweater for a "real" person, so good thing it's for a baby who can't say they don't like the color or it doesn't fit!

Tina-I know what you mean about trying to finish things. I started an embrodiered baby blanket when my brother and his first wife had my oldest niece. She's now 19 and I finally bagged it up (unfinished) to sell at a yard sale this summer. I just decided that I would never pick it up and might as well be resolved to the fact that I love knitting and spinning much better. I am a life long crocheter. My grandmother taught me how when I was 5 and until last year, I did a lot of crocheting. I will still keep the hooks but have given it up for the most part.

Wool Winder said...

Love that picture...and the scarf too!