Monday, September 11, 2006

S is for Scarves
I know it's been a long time since my last post but I have had company for almost two weeks and a second son has moved back home to finish school. All this happened on the same day, so to say it's been hectic wouldn't do it justice.

Even though I have not had access to the computer to blog, I have not forgotten that I love to knit no matter what. My son and daughter-in-law each will be getting a new scarf. This is no surprise since they went to The Knitting Corner with me and picked out their yarn. So I have been knitting my fingers off to get them finished. I have almost finished my son's. Just 4 rows shy and some fringe and it will be done.
Of course I have run out of yarn, so that will call for another trip to The Knitting Corner. Oh, darn.

My son's scarf is made from 127 Print 100% wool and it made in Italy. It's going to be 74 inches long and is about 5 1/2-6 inches across. It's just straight knitting and was knitted on # Addi Turbos. It has just flown by. I just love how fast and mindless this was.

My DIL scarf is a bit more of a challenge. It's Galaxy. It's 62% Nylon and 38% polyester.

It's been a long time since I have knitted with anything that doesn't have some amount of natural fibers in it. I am using #15 Addi Turbos. There are 13 stitches and again it's just straight knitting. This is not a mindless knit other than it's the same stitch. I have to really concentrate because the stuff is so fuzzy. When I stand up I have to use a roller tape thingy to get all the stuff off of me. Is it just me or does that scarf look like that purple Easter grass?

I haven't forgotten my lovely lace scarf by Wallis Knits.
I was making good progress until I whipped out the son's scarf and now starting the DIL's scarf. So the lace scarf is on the back burner as is the white baby sweater for my nephew. So even though I had company for a while, I did still manage to get some things done. Now, let's talk about the way the house looks...


christine said...

Don't knit your fingers off - you need them to pet the dachshunds.

amanda cathleen said...

wow! You better listen to Christine's advice, your fingers have been busy knitting! I don't know about the weather down in Virginia. But I can tell you here in Western PA its scarf weather! : )

vlb5757 said...

Christine, I have been having a heck of a time getting to your blog. Everytime I try it, I get an error and it shuts down the whole screen. So getting to more than the first paragraph of your blog is driving me nuts! I have two weeks of things to catch up on! Believe me, they are getting their lap and love time. With the family here they are being petted to death and they love it.

Amanda-both my boys were born outside Philly so we know about PA weather! I am ready for sweater weather. I hate summers! We have been in the 70's and whipped out my array of sweaters and am so excited about getting out. Mind you, I have no scarves...

Wool Winder said...

Great scarves! I really like to knit for others when they pick out the yarn. That way I know they will like it!

Laura said...

ha! No no no.... let's NOT discuss the way the house looks. heh Mine is awful because I've been knitting and spinning and dyeing like crazy trying to keep my mind and hands occupied while we wait for court next week.

The purple scarf - the shedding would make me crazy!! :)

vlb5757 said...

Laura, I hate to clean house unless a house cleaning bug seeks me out and bites me. Then I do it. Things are pretty much picked up but I need to dust. I would much rather do just about anything else other than clean house.

Knitting has been the greatest excuse there ever was. Since I have to knit Christmas presents, that excuse will last until mid Jan, because you of course I will not finish things on time...blah, blah, blah...see where this is going? LOL!

The shedding did drive me nuts but now it's in a zip lock bag about to be on it's way to San Diego. It will be shedding someplace besides my house!

Wool Winder-I love the fact my DIL picked it out and I didn't pick a color that would untimately be sitting in a closet for years because she didn't really like the color and was being polite. I hated it when my grandmother knitted and made it some wacked out color. I would never wear it. So it's good that the DIL picked it for me!