Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Shoppin' We Shall Go...Okay, I went
I needed some things for spinning and knitting today so I planned a trip out to Serendipity Farms and The Knitting Corner. I have been working on Big Chip's fleece (scroll down to toward's the middle of the page and you will see a lovely picture of Big Chip at the Farmgirl Fare site) and decided that if I wanted to keep it, I needed some heavy duty tools to give the fleece the babying it needed. So I called my friend Mary and went to the shop. I bought myself some news toys. I got myself some Mini Louet combs. I haven't used them yet, but Mary showed me how and hopefully I will have time soon to whip that fleece into spinning condition!

As if that wasn't enough spending, I headed off to The Knitting Corner and spent some more money there. I saw some INOX needles at Knitting on Trial and decided that if I was going to do more lace scarves, I needed some sharper needles. I bought these...

And then I decided that I really needed the right Needlegauge thingy and bought one just for my Addi Turbos. I have two or three sets of needles that are in projects and some how the bags have gotten lost. I don't know about the rest of you out there, but my eyes aren't what they used to be and I flat can not read that teeney tiny print on the cable anymore.

I have tried to post the last thing that I bought at The Knitting Corner but I guess I have gone over my picture posting limit. I was so excited to be the first customer to see these things and now I can't get the dog gone picture to post. I guess I will save it for another post another day. UGH!

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